Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Ugly Green-Eyed Monster

In this article I want to write about something that I have seen destroy ministries, friendships, etc. I want this to be an admonition, a “friendly warning” or perhaps some “friendly advice” based on the scriptures about some things I have seen and experienced.

In this article I want to deal with one thing I HATE… and that thing is jealousy. What is it mean to be jealous?

Jealous: “intolerant of rivalry…” or “hostile toward a rival or one believed to enjoy an advantage” (definitions from www.m-w.com, Merriam Webster Online).

We have all seen it, experienced it and most likely are guilty of it (I certainly have been). Being jealous of another in more laymen’s terms is basically not liking the fact that another person has some thing or some position that we don’t have. Some one else got the promotion at work you think that you deserved and now you’re jealous. I think we have all been jealous of someone else at some point in our lives BUT this is not an excuse to “feed the monster”. When this “work of the flesh” begins to rear it’s ugly head we are to fight it with all our might; however, the sad truth is most of us would rather stew in it a while. So what’s the danger?

The danger in UNCHECKED, UN-DEALT WITH jealousy or “jealousy run amuck” is the fruit that it produces. When we are jealous of another person, for whatever reason, that jealousy (if not dealt with) will turn to hatred in time. Now, this person that was your friend and has done nothing to you is now your object of hate. So what’s the danger?

The next step of unchecked jealousy that has turned to hate is the things you’ll find yourself doing. You’ll begin to gossip about this person and make cutting, perhaps subliminal comments to others about this person that skews their perception of him or her. Maybe you’ll begin to snap at them and not realize it. You’ll begin to treat them differently. Again, being short or maybe conveniently not telling them things that they need to know. And in some cases, like Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:2-9), that hatred turns into murder.

Someone told me long time ago taught me to deal with myself. In other words, we all have sinful flesh to fight BUT there is a huge difference between the person that deals with himself and is open about his shortcomings and the person that in their pride and arrogance will not deal with himself (and will DEFINITELY not ever pretend that they could have a fault).

If you have been jealous of someone else OR are currently being jealous of someone… DEAL WITH IT. Go to God, our only help and ask for His Holy Spirit to help you overcome this green-eyed monster. We all are guilty, but we can respect those who have the courage to face this monster with His help.

I wonder how many Ministries, lives, marriages, friendships, etc. have been DESTROYED because of someone being jealous and who was NOT willing to deal with it, get over it and repent of it. Jealousy in the darkness of our own hearts is never as hidden as we think. If we truly love our brothers and love God, we should attack this monster whenever it comes around.


Blogger Joe said...

May God help me show Jesus to my brothers and sisters as well as to the lost world.
Love, Joe.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

{Go to God, our only help and ask for His Holy Spirit to help you overcome this green-eyed monster.}

Thank you brother.

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Jealousy eats at the soul of a man worst than Cancer eats at his body!

Love, Joe

5:34 AM  

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