Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Always Right"

Ever been around someone who always thinks they are right about every LITTLE thing? I find that being around a person that can’t seem to even entertain the possibility that they were wrong an annoying circumstance. I want to discuss this attitude in the context of doctrinal disagreements.

Now, if you have read my past blogs you know that I believe there is one and only, absolute, unconditional and uncompromised TRUTH. I DO NOT believe that “all paths lead to God”. I DO NOT believe that “you have your truth and I have mine”. There is ONE truth and I believe one right, or “most correct” answer to any given situation or question.

Now, if you know me, you have also heard me say that Christians are allowed to disagree on certain things. So what does that mean? How could I believe that there is only one answer or only one correct interpretation of any given doctrine and at the same time believe that Christians could possibly disagree on anything?

To answer this question, let’s use the example of the “Rapture” (I will not be sharing my view on this here, this is simply an example). There are many differing opinions on the timing of the Rapture. Now, before I go any further, I firmly believe that there is only right answer to this question (i.e. only one correct way to interpret the Bibles’ teaching on this). At the same time I believe that this is an issue that we can disagree on and still be brothers in the Lord. How can this be?

Firstly, I believe there are only two types of issues that we should disagree on to the point of parting fellowship or separating ourselves from others that call themselves believers. (A) Issues that pertain to Salvation are non-negotiable. Also, (B) issues that are so clear it would defy common sense to believe otherwise also qualify. One example that covers both of these types is the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible prophesies and plainly states that Jesus was born of a virgin. In addition, unless he was born of a virgin he couldn’t thus be the Son of God and die for the sins of the world. So this particular issue is very plain and salvation depends on it.

So why allow for certain disagreements (like differing views on the Rapture)? Remember, we are ALL growing in the Lord (at least we should be) and not all of us are on the same “level”. Our understanding of certain doctrines should be continually growing and deepening. There may be even occasions that deeper study into certain doctrines will cause us to change our view on those doctrines.

My problem is with those who don’t acknowledge or realize that everyone in the body of Christ hasn’t reached their “pinnacle of infinite knowledge”. They seem to have no patience for others “less learned” than themselves and are ready to anathematize everyone who can’t see every minute detail the way they do.

This kind of person ceases to actually grow and has made the possibility of deepening their understanding of scripture a impossibility (This kind of person is the one who might fight over the color of the carpets in the sanctuary). They come to a conclusion on a particular doctrine upon which salvation is not dependent and tell all that disagree with them that they are bound for hell.

Finally, I hope that you won’t think I have gone liberal. My point is simply that all Christians don’t know everything. We should have a fervent love among ourselves and the patience to teach and learn from one another instead of putting each other down. It would seem to me that if we really were concerned about others welfare (more so than trying to look smart, etc.) that we would show our brothers love instead of looking down our nose at them.


Blogger Joe said...

Amen! Brother Amen!

By their love shall they be knowen!

Love, Joe

3:38 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

{My point is simply that all Christians don’t know everything}

Mercy! Mercy!

You got me!

Thanks Brother, I needed that!

Great post!

Meet you on the air.

Meet you in the air!

Love, Joe

12:59 AM  
Blogger Romayne said...

Likewise!! I'm new to your blog, coming to it from Sermon Audio, but have so far enjoyed your msgs, and now the blog too. Just had to fess up to errantly having that viewpoint that since I've been spending SO much time listening to sermons, reading scripture, etc etc, that I was somehow more spiritual or knowledgeable than my Christian peers, but have had a R. catholic friend of mine who I've spent a lot of time discussing scripture/doctrine with (and this in N. Ireland, where normally it would NEVER happen due to our cultural heritages and the 'troubles' here), pull me up on many of my points to her. The Lord has used many people to reveal my spiritual arrogance to me, and I'm SO grateful for His Mercy to me, a major sinner in all areas, but particularly this one. I, too, once I'd discovered the Rapture theory, had an opinion I was convinced was the right one, but now feel it's irrelevant, in the sense that it doesn't enhance my walk with the Lord one iota - we are told to be constantly ready regardless, so whether there even IS a Rapture isn't something I now waste time on debating, much less the timing of it. So its truly refreshing to find someone who is fully fundamental about the WORD and its complete TRUTH (one area my Catholic friend & I cannot reconcile for her sadly), and I pray many will be led to your site to read it and be challenged themselves. Forgive the length of this, but I feel it's important to convey my gratitude. Blessings, Romayne (Belfast, N. Ireland UK).


2:40 PM  

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